Partner to entrepreneurs

Amos Finance AG acts as partner to entrepreneurs. We invest in companies during their growth phase as well as their development phase.

Our aim is to help and support various business entities, mostly private companies, to find buyers or investors, establish targets and choose the best source of financing.

We have been involved in many major projects within various industry sectors. Thus, we are a well trained team, prepared for any challenge.

We are professionals

We are professionals specializing in quick and efficient company acquisitions and sales on the global market.

Amos Finance AG being among the most experienced investor advisors in Europe is able to offer financial resources to our customers.

What makes Amos Finance AG unique, is that we provide strategic and operational support as well as access to international networks and capital markets.


Amos Finance AG deals with the following services and sectors:

Industrial investments financing

Venture Capital funds

Private Equity funds

Real Estate financing

Trade projects financing

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